11.2 Log view search fields

The Log view provides three search fields above the table data that enable you to find particular messages.

The regular expression that you enter in any of the search fields acts as a filter. Only messages that contain the matching pattern appear in the list, sorted in the chronological order. The log view contains the following search fields:

Use this search field to filter the Log view based on when Streamline captured the annotation. To define a range, enter a number for the lower limit of the range, a -, and a second number that defines the upper limit. For example, 4-5 filters the Log view so it only shows annotations captured between seconds 4 and 5. To define a range up to a certain number, input a dash and then a single number. To define a range that includes a number and everything above it, enter a number followed by a -. For example, to filter for annotations that occurred after the thirty second mark of the capture, enter 30-.
Find messages called by a particular core. Enter a core number here and the Log view displays only messages triggered by that core.
Search the message field for a string. Only messages that match the given pattern appear in the log view until the search is modified or cleared. Regular expression strings are case sensitive unless you include (?i) in front of your search expression.
Filter the Log view based on the duration field. As with the When field, you can enter a number or a range of numbers.
Find all messages assigned to the given channel.
Find all messages that belong to the given group.
Search based on the location that triggered the annotate message. To narrow down messages to those called by a particular function, enter that function name in the Where field.
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