12.2 Energy Probe requirements

Using the Energy Probe with Streamline requires the Energy probe hardware, a DS-5 installation, and a target with a shunt resistor that meets the specifications required by the Energy Probe.

The Energy Probe has the following requirements:

  • An installation of ARM DS-5 Basic or Professional Edition, version 5.9 or later.
  • A suitable DS-5 license.
  • A Streamline-enabled target. For Linux and Android targets, this requires the gator driver and daemon to be installed on the target.
  • An Energy Probe Unit.
  • A USB extension cable.
  • USB drivers for the Energy Probe.
  • A target that has 2-pin IDC 0.1" power measurement headers. The target also requires a shunt resistor with a supply voltage less than 15V and rated at least 0.5W. The shunt resistor needs a 1-pin IDC ground terminal and must not drop more than 165mV.


You can tell if your target has the right power management headers by visual inspection. For more information about whether or not your target meets the other requirements for Energy Probe, see the documentation for your target.
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