6.9 Timeline view X-Ray mode

X-Ray mode changes the process trace from an intensity map of time, to a mode that highlights core or cluster affinity. In this mode, the bars show the mapping of software threads to processor cores or clusters to show you on which cores your bottleneck functions are running.

Figure 6-14 X-Ray mode with two cores

X-Ray mode with two cores

The colors in X-Ray mode are:

First core
Second core
Third core
Fourth core
Fifth core
First cluster
Second cluster

Hovering the mouse cursor over a color-coded bin shows you which core or cluster the color identifies. There is a key in the bottom left of the Processes section that tells you which color represents which cluster or core.


X-Ray mode is useful only in SMP systems. All entries in the processes section appear blue in a single core system report.

If there are clusters present on a target, the X-Ray mode has several different levels that you can cycle through. Click the X-Ray button once and the Processes section shows cluster affinity. Each color in the Processes section represents a cluster of cluster of cores. Click the X-Ray button again and the Processes section breaks things down by core.

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