6.11 Adding bookmarks to the Timeline view

You can create bookmarks in the Timeline view, enabling you to label and quickly return to critical points in the Timeline view.

To create a bookmark, follow these steps:


  1. Double-click in the timeline rule.
  2. Give the new bookmark a title by entering it into the resulting field.

    Figure 6-16 Adding a bookmark

    Adding a bookmark

  3. Open the Color dialog box by clicking on the color selector to the right of the bookmark entry field.

    Figure 6-17 Choosing a color

    Choosing a color

  4. Use the Color dialog box to choose a bookmark color.
  5. Click OK.
Your bookmark appears as a small mark in the Timeline overview. You can use this mark to quickly return to your bookmark.

Figure 6-18 The bookmark in the timeline overview

The bookmark in the timeline overview


Hover over your bookmark to produce an overlay that shows you the title of the bookmark and two buttons. Use the Edit Bookmark button to change the title or color of your bookmark and the Delete bookmark button to remove the bookmark from the Timeline.
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