1.6 Building the gator module

To use Streamline with your target, you must build the gator driver, gator.ko, and place it on the target file system.

DS-5 provides a gator-driver.tar.gz source archive. Assuming that you have unzipped the file and that you have all of the required tools for building kernel modules, follow this step:


The build command depends on whether you are building on your Linux host or your target:
  • On a Linux host, enter the following to build the gator module: make -C kernel_build_dir M=`pwd` ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=<...> modules


    If you are building for an Android target, you must remove the comment hashtag from the following line in the makefile of the gator module to enable kernel stack unwinding:
  • If you are building on your target, enter the following command: make -C kernel_build_dir M=`pwd`


    it is not necessary to include the ARCH or CROSS_COMPILE parameters when you build on your target.
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