5.4.4 Chart configuration templates

A chart configuration template is a pre-configured set of charts that you can apply to captures that are displayed in the Live and Timeline views.

To create a template, configure the charts as required in the capture displayed in Live or Timeline view, then choose Save as from the Switch and manage templates button (). You can then apply the saved template to other captures. The template can also be applied using the Counter Configuration dialog before creating a capture. This ensures that the counters required by the charts in the template are included in the new capture.


If a capture contains a visual annotation chart, applying a template does not remove it.
To apply a template to an existing capture, select the template from the drop down list using the Switch and manage templates button in the Live and Timeline views. Select the Default template option to revert the capture to its default chart configuration.
If the capture does not include a counter that is required by a chart in the template, a warning icon is shown in the chart handle. Hover over the icon to see a message stating which counter was missing.
Figure 5-19 Warning message for a missing counter

Templates are stored by default in the following locations:
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