4.5 Counter Configuration dialog box settings

The Counter Configuration dialog box provides help resources and options that enable you to manage your configuration settings.

It contains the following options:
Warnings tag
This tag is displayed in the toolbar if one or more problems occurred during gator setup. Click on the tag to see the warning messages.
Removes the selected counter from the Events to Collect list.
Toggle event-based sampling
Turns event-based sampling on or off for the selected counter. Use the Threshold field to define how many hits are needed for the counter before a sample is recorded. If this button is grayed out, the selected counter does not support event-based sampling.
Add counters from a template
Replaces the Events to Collect list with the counters required by the selected chart configuration template. If you hold down the Shift key while clicking this button, the counters are added to the list rather than replacing it. An error message is displayed for any counters required by the template that the target does not support.
Opens a dialog that enables you to search for and load an XML file that you previously generated.
Exports the current counter configuration to an XML file. You can create the file and manually add it as an option when running gatord on the target, if you choose to capture data locally.
Load Defaults
Returns the Events to Collect list to the Streamline defaults.
Saves your current counter configuration and exits the dialog box. The counter configuration file, called configuration.xml by default, is saved to the same directory as gatord on your target. This directory must therefore be writable in order to save the configuration.
Exits the Counter Configuration dialog box without saving the defined settings.
Opens Counter Configuration help.
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