5.3.7 Cross Section Marker

The Cross Section Marker is a versatile tool for looking at specific ranges of data in the Live and Timeline views. It starts one bin wide but can be re-sized using the handles on both sides or moved left and right using the middle of the marker. An overlay shows you data pertinent to the current range covered by the Cross Section Marker.

By default, the Cross Section Marker is inactive. To activate or move it, click anywhere in the charts or in the graphic portion of the details panel in the Timeline view. The Cross Section Marker appears where you clicked and provides data specific to the bin where you placed it. The position of the Cross Section Marker in Live view is preserved in Timeline view.
You can also stretch the Cross Section Marker using the handle that is located above the charts in the Live and Timeline views. Click and drag on either side of the handle to expand it. Once expanded, you can move the Cross Section Marker left and right by clicking and dragging it. The information contained in the details panel in Processes and Samples modes in the Timeline view relates only to the window of time defined by the Cross Section Marker.


Unlike the filter controls, moving and expanding the Cross Section Marker does not have an effect on the data in the other report views.
In cases where you set a Cross Section Marker border, then change to a different level of magnification where the Cross Section Marker border would not sit precisely, the border is displayed as a blurred line. This indicates that the offset of the Cross Section Marker is not perfectly aligned with the bin at the current magnification level, but is fractionally within it.
Figure 5-9 Cross Section Marker blurred border
Cross Section Marker blurred border

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