8.4 Adding Visual Annotate to your code

Streamline provides a set of macros that enable you to add images to the Timeline and Log views in your generated Analysis Reports.

To add visual annotations to your code, follow these steps:


  1. Include the files streamline_annotate.h and streamline_annotate.c in your project.
  2. Add the ANNOTATE_SETUP macro to your code. It must be called before any other annotate macros are called.
  3. Insert the ANNOTATE_VISUAL(data, length, str) macro into your code. Replace data with your image, length with the size of the data being written to the annotate file, and, optionally, str with a descriptive string to be included with the image.
  4. Build your code.
  5. Ensure that gatord is running then run your application and exercise the area of the code that emits the annotations.
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