About the debug hardware configuration utilities

The debug hardware configuration utilities enable you to connect to the debug hardware unit that provides the interface between your development platform and your PC. The following utilities are provided:

RVI Config IP utility

Used to configure the IP address on a debug hardware unit. This enables you to access the unit over Ethernet.

RVConfig utility

Used to configure a debug hardware unit. This enables you to:

  • Identify the target devices on your development platform. These devices can be one or more processors, and optional trace devices or CoreSight™ devices.

  • Configure debug hardware and target-related features that are appropriate to correctly debug your development platform.

  • Save the configuration to a device configuration file. The device configuration file is used by your debugger to connect to each target processor on your development platform.

RVI Update utility

Used to update the firmware and devices on a debug hardware unit and probe.


This document applies to the ARM® DSTREAM™ debug and trace unit and the ARM RVI™ debug unit. The term trace hardware refers to:

  • the built-in trace hardware of a DSTREAM unit

  • an ARM RVT or ARM RVT2™ trace capture unit for RVI.

Differences in debug and trace hardware features between the units are explicitly stated.

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