Configuring ARM7, ARM9, and ARM11 processors in CoreSight systems

The following ARM7, ARM9, and ARM11 processors are supported in CoreSight systems:

You must add:

The following configuration items area available when configuring these processors in CoreSight systems:


The index of the JTAG-AP in the DAP that must be used to access the CoreSight debug registers for the CoreSight component.

JTAG-AP Port index for core (JTAG_PORT_ID)

Each JTAG-AP implements eight JTAG port, each with its own TDI, TDO, TMS, and so on.The port index refers to the JTAG to which your CoreSight component is connected.

Fast memory download (FAST_MEM_WRITES)

The Fast Memory Download option is available for those targets where the DAP and the Core are running fast enough to handle the data being sent to them by the debug hardware unit without the debug hardware unit having to check that each individual transaction with the DAP has been successful. The processor is behind the DAP, so all processor accesses have to go through the DAP. As a guide, this setting must not be set for those targets that are FPGA-based.


With this option set, error checking is disabled. If any errors occur, you are not informed. If problems are encountered when downloading images, uncheck this option to resolve them.

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