CoreSight autodetection

Autodetecting a CoreSight system adds the ARMCS-DP device. The device represents the Debug Access Port (DAP) in a CoreSight system. If the system contains a valid CoreSight ROM table, the devices listed in that table are also added by default.

The Read CoreSight ROM Table checkbox enables you to enable or disable the automatic reading of the table during an autoconfigration. The following figure shows the location of this checkbox:

Figure 37. Read CoreSight ROM Table option

Read CoreSight ROM Table option

You can also force a read of the CoreSight ROM Table as follows:

  1. Right-click on the ARMCS-DP device.

  2. Select Read CoreSight ROM tables from the context menu.


If you uncheck the Read CoreSight ROM Table checkbox, or the table read fails, you can manually add the CoreSight devices to the scan chain.

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