CoreSight topology and associations for multiple trace sources

The following figure shows there are two Cortex-R4 processors in the system, each with an associated ETM:

Figure 49. CoreSight system topology diagram - multiple trace source system

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The processors and ETMs are numbered for convenience, and this numbering scheme is used in the Associations file.

The Association file for this is:

Name=ARMCS-DP;Type=ARMCS-DP; Name=Cortex-R4_1;Type=Cortex-R4;ETM=CSETM_1; Name=Cortex-R4_2;Type=Cortex-R4;ETM=CSETM_2; Name=CSETM_1;Type=CSETM;TraceOutput0=TPIU;TraceOutput1=ETB;Core=Cortex-R4_1; Name=CSETM_2;Type=CSETM;TraceOutput0=TPIU;TraceOutput1=ETB;Core=Cortex-R4_2; Name=Funnel;Type=CSTFunnel; Name=ETB;Type=CSETB;Port0=CSETM_1;Port1=CSETM_2; Name=TPIU;Type=CSTPIU;Port0=CSETM_1;Port1=CSETM_2;

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