Adding autoconfigure support for new platforms

When adding platforms to the Select Platform dialog box, a platform detection file .det is created automatically after you have setup the board name and manufacturer. You can, however, add more .det files to the platformFiles directory, which allow different hardware versions to be recognized when you click the Auto Configure button. A .det file can contain information for one or more platforms. The platform description consists of a JTAG ID code and mask for each device on the JTAG scan chain of the target platform, and the name of the associated debug hardware configuration file .rvc.

For example:

0x0B73B02F,0xFFFFFFFF,  0x07926001,0xFFFFFFFF,  0,0,  0x2B900F0F,0xFFFFFFFF = mycompany_eg1.rvc

In the above example, the platform is expected to contain four devices on its scan chain. The first device must have a JTAG ID code of 0x0B73B02F, the second 0x07926001, the third device can have any ID code, and the code of the fourth device must be 0x2B900F0F.

Several .det files can be supplied, and each file can contain more than one line. For example:

0x22193024, 0xEFFFFFFF, 0,0, 0,0 = mycompany_eg2.rvc
0x08210024, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0,0, 0,0 = mycompany_eg2.rvc
0x05310024, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0,0, 0,0 = mycompany_eg3.rvc

In this example, a scan chain containing three devices, where the first device has an ID code of 0x22193024, 0x32193024 or 0x08210024 is associated with mycompany_eg2.rvc. The mask value of 0xEFFFFFFF means that both 0x22193024 and 0x32193024 are identified. If there are three devices, and the first has an ID code of 0x05310024, then it is associated with mycompany_eg3.rvc.

When you click the Auto Configure button, the detected scan chain is compared against all the platforms described by .det files. If the connected target matches any of these platforms, a Select Platform dialog box is displayed, and asks the user to confirm that the platform has been correctly detected.

It is possible to create platform information that associates a given scan chain with several .rvc files. If this happens, the Select Platform dialog box lists all the platforms that match, and you will be asked to select the platform that matches your hardware.

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