Autodetecting a platform

The debug hardware autodetection feature checks to see if a platform configuration file is available that matches the configuration of your development platform. If a platform configuration is available, a the Select Platform dialog box is displayed. An example is shown in the following figure:

Figure 30. Automatic platform configuration

Automatic platform configuration

Select your platform from the list and click OK. This causes the entire platform configuration (that is, for the scan chain, Advanced settings and trace delays) to be loaded. The following figure shows an example:

Figure 31. Platform configuration and identification

Platform configuration and identification

After the platform configuration is complete, the control pane shows the revised scan chain device/platform configuration in use and the name of the loaded platform. The tree diagram also reflects the new configuration.


You cannot add, move, or remove any devices when a platform configuration is in use.

During the configuration process, the label on the Select Platform... button changes to read as Clear Platform.

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