Loading a trace association file

To load a CoreSight trace association file:

  1. Open the RVConfig utility.

  2. Either:

    • connect to and configure a debug hardware connection to create a new debug hardware configuration file

    • open an existing debug hardware configuration file.

  3. Click the Trace Associations... button to display the Trace Association Editor dialog box. The following figure shows an example:

    Figure 43. Trace Association Editor dialog box

    Trace Association Editor dialog box

    The devices shown reflect the order of those in the scan chain.

  4. Click Load... to display the Load RealView Associations File... dialog box.

  5. Locate the directory where you saved your trace association file.

  6. Click Open to load the file and return to the Trace Association Editor dialog box.

  7. Click OK to return to the RVConfig utility main window.

    An asterisk in a device box of the schematic diagram indicates that the device is associated with another device. The following figure shows that the CSETM and the Cortex-A8 devices have associations:

    Figure 44. Devices with associations

    Devices with associations

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