If you encounter problems when configuring network settings for your debug hardware unit, see the following:

Show/hideWhy am I unable to see my DSTREAM or RVI unit on the network?

Seeing or browsing for DSTREAM or RVI units on the network relies on the local area network (LAN) allowing propagation of broadcast packets (UDP) on ports 30000 and 30001. It is common to limit the propagation of these types of packets to a localized network region to prevent congestion, but it might be possible to allow propagation of packets on these specific ports. Contact your network administrator to request this modification.


This issue is seen when a DSTREAM or RVI unit is behind any network component that filters network traffic, such as a firewall.

Show/hideWhen is it appropriate to assign a fixed IP address to my DSTREAM or RVI unit?

If it is not possible to browse for the DSTREAM or RVI unit on the network using the tools, you can attempt to locate the unit by specifying the host name of the unit, for example

If the host name cannot be resolved, you can use an IP address, for example In this case, you might want to assign a fixed IP address to the DSTREAM or RVI unit to prevent this IP address from changing. To request a fixed IP address, contact your network administrator. When the address is assigned to the DSTREAM or RVI unit, you can confirm its correct operation by using the ping command from a DOS or UNIX prompt prior to connecting the tools.

A fixed IP address is also appropriate when an Ethernet cross-over cable is used. In this case, a private network between the host PC and the unit is created, although this might not be necessary due to the availability of a USB connection.

Show/hideWhy does my debug connection fail when I connect the Mictor cable to my target?

Some target systems have their debug signals connected to both a Mictor trace connector and a separate debug-only connector. In this scenario, if you connect the Mictor cable alongside another debug cable, there is effectively a large unterminated stub on the debug signals. This can cause the debug interface to become unstable. To solve this problem, configure the DSTREAM or RVI software to use the Mictor cable for both the debug and trace signals, and disconnect any other debug cables.

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