Debug hardware unit network settings

The following network settings are available for a debug hardware unit:


Enables or disables Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP):

  • If your network uses DHCP, you must know the hostname that you want to use for your debug hardware unit (if any).


    You do not have to know the IP address for your debug hardware unit, or the default gateway and subnet mask for your network, because these settings are fetched from a DHCP server on your network.

  • If your network does not use DHCP, you must know:

    • the hostname to use for your debug hardware unit (if any)

    • the IP address to use for your debug hardware unit

    • the default gateway for your network (if it has one)

    • the subnet mask for your network.

Host Name

The host name for the unit. This must contain only the alphanumeric characters (A to Z, a to z, and 0 to 9) and the - character, and must be no more than 39 characters long.

IP Address

The static IP address to use when DHCP is disabled.

Default Gateway

The default gateway to use when DHCP is disabled.

Subnet Mask

The subnet mask to use when DHCP is disabled.

Ethernet Address

The Ethernet address of the unit.

Ethernet Type

The type of network you are using:

  • If you know the type of network, select the type. The options are:

    • 10-MBit, Half Duplex

    • 10-MBit, Full Duplex

    • 100-MBit, Half Duplex

    • 100-MBit, Full Duplex.

  • Otherwise, select Auto-Detect.

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