Debug hardware TCP/IP port numbering

To use the debug hardware Command Monitor and debug your target with GDB, the debug hardware unit uses the TCP/IP ports described in the following table:

Table 5. Debug hardware TCP/IP ports

4000 series

This port range is used to connect to a target from GDB, and to perform halt-mode debugging.

Each device on the JTAG scan chain, or behind a CoreSight DAP, is allocated a TCP/IP port number for connection from GDB. Ports are allocated in sequence, with port 4000 connected to the first device in the scan chain. Synchronized start and step are not supported.


Any attempt to connect to a non-processor device fails, but the port number is still reserved for that device.

5000 series

This port range is used for Monitor-mode debugging and other Virtual Ethernet/TTY mode connections.


To use these ports you must set the DCC mode to a non-zero value.

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