Configuring a JTAG scan chain

Use the scan chain controls to configure a scan chain for the currently connected debug hardware unit:

Figure 20. Scan chain controls

Scan chain controls

As you add devices to the JTAG scan chain, a schematic diagram of the scan chain is created, as shown in the following example:

Figure 21. Scan chain schematic diagram

Scan chain schematic diagram

If a platform configuration file exists for your target, the Select Platform dialog box is displayed. If you want to use the platform configuration file:

  1. Select the platform.

  2. Click OK. A label identifying the platform is included at the top of the schematic diagram.

Show/hideManaging devices

The following buttons enable you to manage the devices in your configuration:

  • Click Add... to add a device to the scan chain.

  • When a device is selected in the schematic diagram:

    • click Remove to remove the selected device

    • click Properties... to update the properties for the selected device

    • click Configure to display the Device configuration settings

  • For a scan chain containing multiple devices, click:

    • Move Left to move the selected device to the left

    • Move Right to move the selected device to the right.

Show/hideDevice context menu controls

To display the device context menu, right-click on a device in the scan chain schematic. The following options are available for all devices:

  • Select Properties... to change the properties of the device.

  • Select Configuration... to configure the device.

  • Select Remove Device to remove the chosen device.

For a CoreSight system, the Read CoreSight ROM table option is available for the ARMCS-DP device. This enables your debug hardware to read the CoreSight ROM table.

Show/hideManaging a platform file

To manage a platform file for your development board:

If a platform file exists, click Select Platform... to choose a platform that corresponds to your development board.

When a platform is assigned to your configuration, the Select Platform ... button changes to Clear Platform. Click Clear Platform to remove the platform assignment from your configuration.

Show/hideManaging trace associations

If you are configuring a CoreSight system, click the Trace Associations ... to manage the CoreSight trace associations.

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