Connecting to targets from GDB through debug hardware

To connect to a target from GDB, you must configure debug hardware to recognize your target devices. You do this by using rvigdbconfig to configure debug hardware with the scan chain details. GDB is then connected to the processor.

To connect to a target from GDB:

  1. Power-up your target hardware and debug hardware unit.

  2. Launch RVConfig, and configure the processor.

  3. Run rvigdbconfig, specifying the appropriate rvc file:

    rvigdbconfig -f rvi.rvc
  4. Start GDB, load the symbols if required, and connect to the first processor (using port 4000 of your debug hardware in this example):

    arm-elf-gdb(gdb) file demo.elf
    (gdb) target remote rvi5:4000
    Remote debugging using rvi5:40000x00000000 in $a ()

    GDB is now connected to the processor, and an image can be loaded and debugged.

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