Scanning for available debug hardware units

To scan for available debug hardware units:

  1. Start the required configuration utility, for example RVConfig.

  2. Click the Scan button to scan for debug hardware units that are connected to your local network or to a USB port on your PC. The Scan button becomes animated to indicate that a scan is in progress. When the configuration utility finds a unit, it adds it to the list of available units. The following figure shows an example:

    Figure 1. RVConfig utility

    RVConfig utility


    Any unit shown in light gray is one that has responded to browse requests but does not have a valid IP address. You cannot connect to that unit by TCP/IP until you have configured it for use on your network.

    The scan tool searches for debug hardware units that are connected to your local network or USB ports on your PC. The units found are listed in the browser on the right of the window.


    Units that are connected to different networks do not appear in the configuration utility. Consequently, if you want to connect to a debug hardware unit on a separate network, you must know the IP address of that unit.

    If you want to stop scanning, click the Scan button. You can click the Scan button again at any time to force a rescan for available debug hardware units and update the list.

  3. Select Exit from the File. This disconnects from any connected unit, and exits the configuration utility.

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