Creating a debug hardware configuration file

To create a debug hardware configuration file:

  1. Start the RVConfig utility. An example is shown in the following figure:

    Figure 18. RVConfig utility

    RVConfig utility

  2. Connect to a debug hardware unit.

  3. Click Auto Configure to identify the target devices on your development platform.

  4. If a platform configuration exists for your development platform, you are prompted to select that platform configuration.

    Click OK to use the platform configuration. Otherwise, click Cancel.

  5. Configure the following as required:

    • device configuration settings

    • debug hardware Advanced settings

    • device properties, if appropriate

    • Trace configuration settings (DSTREAM and RVT2 only)

    • Trace Associations if you are configuring a CoreSight development platform.

  6. Select Save from the File menu to save your configuration. The Choose a filename to save as dialog box is displayed.

  7. Locate a directory to save your configuration file and enter an appropriate filename. For example CoreSight_A8.rvc for a CoreSight system containing a Cortex-A8 processor.

  8. Click Save to save the file.

  9. Select Exit from the File menu to close the RVConfig utility.

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