Connecting to a debug hardware unit

You must connect to your debug hardware unit to create a configuration file that contains details of your target hardware and the debug hardware. The configuration file is required by your debugger to connect to your target development platform and debug your software.


Before you can connect to a debug hardware unit, make sure you have:

  1. Set up, or have access to, the debug hardware unit that interfaces with your development platform.

  2. Installed the correct version of the host software on your PC for your debug hardware unit.


To connect to a debug hardware unit:

  1. Start the required configuration utility, for example the RVConfig utility.

  2. If you do not see any debug hardware units listed for your local network, click the Scan button. The Scan button becomes animated to indicate that a scan is in progress. When the utility finds a debug hardware unit on your local network, it is added to the list of available units. The following figure shows an example:

    Figure 2. RVConfig utility showing debug hardware units

    RVConfig utility showing debug hardware units


    The scan tool only searches for debug hardware units that are connected to your local network or USB ports on your PC. Therefore, units that are connected to a different network do not appear in the configuration utility. Consequently, if you want to connect to a debug hardware unit that is not accessible on your local network, ensure that you know the IP address of that debug hardware unit.

    Any unit shown in light gray is one that has responded to browse requests but does not have a valid IP address. You cannot connect to that unit by TCP/IP until you have configured it for use on your network.

    Alternatively, connect the debug hardware unit directly to your PC using a USB cable.

  3. If multiple units are listed, and you are unsure about the debug hardware unit you want to use:

    1. Select a unit in the list, or enter an IP address of a unit on a different network.

    2. Click Identify. The identification indicators on the unit flash for five seconds.


      On RVI, all LEDs on the front panel flash during identification.

      On DSTREAM, the DSTREAM logo flashes during identification.

  4. To connect to your required unit, select the unit and click Connect. Alternatively, do one of the following:

    • Double-click on the unit you want to connect to.

    • In the IP Address/Host Name field, enter either the IP address or host name of the device you want to connect to and click Connect.

    When a connection has been established, the configuration utility display changes to show the configuration features provided by that utility.

    If you have problems connecting to a debug hardware unit, you must troubleshoot the debug hardware connections.

  5. Select Exit from the File menu. This disconnects from any connected unit, and exits the configuration utility.

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