3.3.1. Building the OpenGL ES 2.0 cube example

The cube example code for OpenGL ES is included in the directory:

<installation directory for OpenGL ES Emulator>/examples/OpenGLES_20/cube

To build and run this example:

  1. Ensure that OpenGL ES emulator is installed.

  2. Ensure that the system environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to the path of the OpenGL ES 2.0 libraries. See Using the OpenGL ES emulator.

  3. Navigate to the directory where the example is present:

    cd <installation directory for OpenGL ES Emulator>/examples/OpenGLES_20/cube
  4. Build the cube application:

  5. To run the example application, type the following command:


An additional window with a spinning, colored cube appears when the example application is running. Figure 3.2 shows an image of the example running.

Figure 3.2. Cube image

Cube image

To end the program, click anywhere on the window.

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