4.3.1. Building the OpenGL ES 2.0 cube example

The cube example code for OpenGL ES is included in the directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Mali Developer Tools/OpenGL ES Emulators/Examples/OpenGL ES 2.0/SpinningCubeApp/

where ~ is the user home directory.

To build and run this example:

  1. Ensure that OpenGL ES emulator is installed.

  2. Open the file SpinningCubeApp.xcodeproj in Xcode.

  3. Select Build from the Product menu or press Command-B.

  4. To run the example application, select Run from the Product menu or press Command-R.

An additional window with a spinning, colored cube appears when the example application is running. Figure 4.2 shows an image of the example running.

Figure 4.2. Cube image

Cube image

To end the program, click Command-Q or select Quit from the application menu.

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