5.2.7. Synchronization of pixmap surfaces

Pixmap surfaces are supported through the use of graphics driver Pbuffers. You must use the appropriate EGL synchronization calls to get OpenGL ES 2.0 to render on to the native pixmap. This corresponds to the expected use of these calls in the EGL 1.3 specification.

The call eglWaitNative(EGL_CORE_NATIVE_ENGINE) copies bitmap data from the native bitmap to the graphics driver Pbuffer before the OpenGL ES 2.0 API calls are made to render to the Pbuffer. The calls eglWaitClient(), eglWaitGL() and glFinish() copy data back from the graphics driver Pbuffer to the native pixmap after OpenGL ES 2.0 renders to the Pbuffer.


You must not select a native bitmap into a device context, because a native bitmap causes the the eglWaitNative() call to fail.

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