AMBA-PV Extensions to OSCI TLM 2.0 Reference Manual

File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
amba_pv.hAMBA-PV main header file
bus/amba_pv_attributes.hAdditional user-defined attributes
bus/amba_pv_control.hAMBA-PV additional control information
bus/amba_pv_extension.hAMBA-PV extension class
core/amba_pv_core_ifs.hAMBA-PV core transaction interfaces
core/amba_pv_types.hAMBA-PV protocol types
models/amba_pv_address_map.hAMBA-PV address mapping information related structures
models/amba_pv_bridges.hOSCI TLM 2.0 BP - AMBA-PV bridge modules
models/amba_pv_decoder.hAMBA-PV bus decoder model
models/amba_pv_exclusive_monitor.hAMBA-PV exclusive monitor model
models/amba_pv_memory.hAMBA-PV advanced memory model
models/amba_pv_memory_base.hAMBA-PV memory model base class
models/amba_pv_protocol_checker.hAMBA-PV protocol checker model
models/amba_pv_simple_memory.hAMBA-PV simple memory model
models/amba_pv_simple_probe.hAMBA-PV simple probe model
signal/signal_bridges.hGeneric sc_signal - Signal(State) bridge modules
signal/signal_core_ifs.hSignal core interfaces
signal/signal_if.hSignal and SignalState interfaces
signal/signal_master_port.hSignal and SignalState ports to be instantiated on the master side
signal/signal_request.hSignal request type
signal/signal_response.hSignal response type
signal/signal_slave_base.hBase class for all Signal and SignalState slave modules
signal/signal_slave_export.hSignal and SignalState exports to be instantiated on the slave side
sockets/amba_pv_master_socket.hAMBA-PV socket to be instantiated on the master side
sockets/amba_pv_slave_socket.hAMBA-PV socket to be instantiated on the slave side
sockets/amba_pv_socket_array.hAMBA-PV socket array class
sockets/amba_pv_socket_base.hAMBA-PV socket base class
user/amba_pv_if.hAMBA-PV user-layer transaction interface
user/amba_pv_master_base.hBase class for all AMBA-PV master modules
user/amba_pv_slave_base.hBase class for all AMBA-PV slave modules
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