5.6. Running the lotion application

This section describes the steps to run the lotion application and select the lightshow applet:

  1. If you have not done so already, build the lotion project.

    Run the lotion application.

  2. A command-line window is displayed that displays the log messages. The application starts building the applet source into applets and loading them. See Figure 5.5:

    Figure 5.5. Lotion startup messages

    Lotion startup messages

  3. The lotion graphics window is displayed. See Figure 5.6:

    Figure 5.6. lotion window

    lotion window

  4. Click and hold the cursor over a blank part of the window. Move the cursor to the left, to simulate swiping a touchpad, until the lightshow icon is visible. See Figure 5.7:

    Figure 5.7. lotion window

    lotion window

  5. Click the lightshow icon. The lightshow applet starts as shown in Figure 5.8:

    Figure 5.8. Lightshow applet in normal mode

    Lightshow applet in normal mode

  6. Click the gles1.1 radio button to switch the display to a simulated OpenGL ES 1.1 mode. The image detail is reduced as shown in Figure 5.9:

    Figure 5.9. Lightshow applet running in OpenGL ES 1.1 mode

    Lightshow applet running in OpenGL ES 1.1 mode

  7. Click the wireframe radio buttons display only the outlines of the primitive shapes. See Figure 5.10:

    Figure 5.10. Lightshow applet running in wireframe mode

    Lightshow applet running in wireframe mode

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