Using this book

This book is organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Read this for an introduction to the Mali User Interface Engine.

Chapter 2 Tutorial on the System Classes

Read this for tutorial on using the basic System objects.

Chapter 3 Tutorial on Drawing 2D Shapes

Read this for tutorial on drawing simple 2D shapes.

Chapter 4 Tutorial on Drawing 3D Shapes

Read this for a tutorial on drawing 3D shapes.

Chapter 5 Tutorial on the Lotion User Interface Classes

Read this for a description of the lotion application and the objects in the lotion library.

Chapter 6 Tutorial on Constructing Custom Shaders

Read this for a tutorial on creating custom shaders.

Appendix A Matrix and Vector Operations

Read this for a review of matrix and vector operations that are typically used by shaders.


Read this for definitions of terms used in this book.

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