2.2.2 Special characters on the command line

You can use special characters to select multiple symbolic names in some compilation tools command arguments.

If you are using a special character on Unix platforms, you must enclose the options in quotes to prevent the shell expanding the selection.

  • The wildcard character * matches any name.

  • The wildcard character ? matches any single character.

For example, enter '*,~*.*' instead of *,~*.*.


The armar command-line options must be preceded by a -. This is different from some earlier versions of armar, and from some third-party archivers.


The following examples show the use of these characters:

  • armar --create mylib.a *.o, creates the archive mylib.a containing all object files in the current directory.
  • armar -t mylib.a s*.o, lists all object files beginning with s in the mylib.a.
  • armlink hello.o mylib.a(?.o) -o tst.axf, links hello.o with all object files in mylib.a that have a single letter filename.
  • fromelf --elf --strip=debug mylib.a(s*.o) --output=my_archive.a, strips debug information from all object files beginning with s in mylib.a, and puts the modified files in my_archive.a.
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