2.2.1 Methods of specifying command-line options

You can specify command-line options directly. Some operating systems restrict the length of the command line, so you can also specify command-line options in environment variables or in a text file.

You can:

  • Specify the commands directly on the command line. However, the number of options you can specify is limited by the command length supported by your operating system.

  • Specify the commands in a text file, called a via file. A separate via file is required for each tool. You can use a via file to overcome the command length limitation of your operating system.
  • Use tool-specific environment variables. These are:

    • ARMCC5_ASMOPT for the assembler.

    • ARMCC5_CCOPT for the compiler.

    • ARMCC5_FROMELFOPT for the fromelf image converter.

    • ARMCC5_LINKOPT for the linker.

    The syntax is identical to the command-line syntax. The compilation tool reads the value of the environment variable and inserts it at the front of the command string. This means that you can override options specified in the environment variable by arguments on the command line.

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