10.5 C and C++ library changes between ARM Compiler v4.1 and v4.1 build 561

Various changes have been made to the ARM C and C++ library in ARM Compiler toolchain v4.1 build 561.

The symbol __use_accurate_range_reduction is retained for backward compatibility, but no longer has any effect.

The C99 complex number functions in the previous hardware floating point version of the library only had the hardfp linkage functions and not the softfp linkage functions. The new library has both the hardfp linkage and softfp linkage functions. This means that existing object code that was built to use hardware floating point might not function correctly when calling complex functions from the library. The linker issues a warning in this case. You must recompile all the code that might use the affected functions and that was built to use hardware floating point. You must relink them with the new library.

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