13.1 General changes between RVCT v3.0 and RVCT v3.1

Various general changes have been made in RVCT v3.1.

The following changes affect multiple tools:

  • Support for the old ABI (--apcs=/adsabi) is no longer available.

  • -O3 no longer implies --fpmode=fast.

Compatibility of RVCT v3.1 with legacy objects and libraries

RVCT v3.1 removes the option --apcs /adsabi. Compilation of ADS-compatible objects, and linking of legacy ADS objects and libraries is no longer possible.

Backwards compatibility of RVCT 2.x object and library code is supported provided you use the RVCT v3.1 linker and C/C++ libraries. Forward compatibility is not guaranteed.

Given these restrictions, ARM strongly recommends that you rebuild your entire project, including any user, or third-party supplied libraries, with RVCT v3.1. This is to avoid any potential incompatibilities, and to take full advantage of the improved optimization, enhancements, and new features provided by RVCT v3.1.

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