2.1.1. Pointing to the position of the tarmac trace plug-in

In instances of running Fast Models with RVD, or when using SystemC-based platforms, you specify the trace plug-in that is to be loaded on simulation start by setting the environment variable FM_TRACE_PLUGINS.

This must point to the full path of the tarmac trace plug-in. On Linux, for sh users this might be, for example:

export FM_TRACE_PLUGINS /home/<user>/<installation_path>/plugins/<platform>/TarmacTrace.so

On Windows the full path might be, for example:

C:\Program Files\ARM\FastModelPortfolio_X.Y\plugins\Win32_VC2005\Release\TarmacTrace.dll

If multiple plug-ins are to be used at the same time, separate them by ‘;’. You can also load the same plug-in multiple times. You can give a name for the plug-in instance by prefixing instancename= to the plug-in path or paths.

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