1.1. Overview

Fast Models v5.1 onwards supports the generation of traces that consistently track the execution and related activities in the model, particularly those that affect the state of the modeled IP. Generated virtual platforms provide trace support by using plug-ins in the form of DLLs and shared objects on Windows and Linux, respectively. Using the plug-in, trace information is written to a file in textual form in the format described in this document.

ARM provides a plug-in to produce a textual trace output (tarmac) as described in Chapter 3 Tarmac Trace File Format. Other plug-ins, using the Model Trace Interface (MTI), can be used instead, or at the same time. Figure 1.1 shows how MTI is embedded into Fast Models. You can connect various plug-ins to this interface in the form of a shared object loaded at simulation startup.

Figure 1.1. Interaction between MTI and plug-ins

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This document describes:

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