2.2.2 Running the simulation without a debugger

The simulation library must be started using Model Shell. This tool permits running arbitrary simulation targets like the Cortex-A8 based EB platform. The corresponding executable model_shell is located in the bin directory of the installation. It provides several options to set parameters and load application files. The most convenient way to set parameters is to use a configuration file.

To generate this configuration file, start model_shell with the —-list-params option and the simulation library. For Linux this is:

model_shell --list-params <path_to_simulation_library> > params.config

The configuration file for the parameters can have any arbitrary name and can be edited using a normal text editor to set the parameter values.

For Linux and Windows, the simulation library might be started using the parameter configuration file with the following command:

model_shell <path_to_simulation_library> -f params.config –a <application_file.axf>

The --help option lists all available options for model_shell.


Use the -C, --parameter PARNAME=VALUE option to set individual parameters on the model_shell command line. This permits priority over parameters specified in a parameter file.

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