3.5 Processor memory access trace

If enabled, processor data accesses are traced.

Memory traces are provided in the following command syntax:

<time> <scale> M<rw><sz><attrib> <addr> <data>

The fields have the following meanings:


Timestamp (decimal value).


Unit for the previous field <time>. This is used for consistency with device-specific tarmac trace formats.


R indicates a read access, and W indicates a write access.


Size of the data transfer in bytes (1, 2, 4, 8).


Optional access attribute:

  • X indicates an exclusive access.

  • T indicates a translated (unprivileged) access.

  • L indicates a locked access (SWP, SWPB instructions).


Virtual address used to access memory in hexadecimal format.


Hexadecimal value of data transferred. The data is padded according to the size of the transfer.

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