2.2.2. Data conversions caused by incorrect settings

This section describes the data conversions caused by incorrect settings and the resources they require. It contains the following sections:

Types of conversions

The following types of data conversions can be triggered by incorrect settings:

Color format conversion

Color format conversion happens when one format does not match another. This can happen if:

  • the drawing surface format does not match the framebuffer format

  • the framebuffer and screen do not match.

Image scaling

Drawing to a different resolution from the screen might cause the surface to be scaled to the correct resolution.

Memory copies

Memory copies or blitting happen when data is moved. Color format conversions and image scaling can also trigger blitting. To avoid this use direct rendering. See Use direct rendering if possible

Resources used by conversions

Data conversion operations require resources, including:

  • compute resources on the GPU or CPU

  • memory

  • memory bandwidth.

Resources used for conversions cannot be used by applications. This has a negative impact on the performance of your application.

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