2.2.1. Overview of system interconnect

Figure 2.2 shows a typical system interconnect.

Figure 2.2. System interconnect

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The signals on the daughterboard are routed to the motherboard over two header connectors, HDRXL and HDRYL. For more information on the motherboard signals, see Chapter 2 Hardware Description of the ARM® Motherboard Express μATX Technical Reference Manual.


The V2M-P1 motherboard supports a root complex either on the daughterboard in Site 1 or on the daughterboard in Site 2. You select which site contains the root complex by editing the config.txt file.


ARM recommends that you fit LogicTile Express daughterboards, including the LogicTileExpress 20MG, V2F-1XV7, daughterboard, in site 2, and that you fit CoreTile Express daughterboards in site 1.

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