4.1.1. MPS registers

This section describes the MPS memory-mapped registers.

CPU system registers

Table 4.2 provides a description of the CPU system registers.

Table 4.2. MPS CPU system registers

Register nameAddressAccessDescription
SYS_ID0x1f000000read/writeBoard and FPGA identifier
SYS_MEMCFG0x1f000004read/writeMemory remap and alias
SYS_SW0x1f000008read/writeIndicates user switch settings
SYS_LED0x1f00000Cread/writeSets LED outputs
SYS_TS0x1f000010read/writeTouchscreen register

DUT system registers

Table 4.3 provides a description of the DUT system registers.

Table 4.3. MPS DUT system registers

Register nameAddressAccessDescription
SYS_ID0x40004000read/writeBoard and FPGA identifier
SYS_PERCFG0x40004004read/writePeripheral control signals
SYS_SW0x40004008read/writeIndicates user switch settings
SYS_LED0x4000400Cread/writeSets LED outputs
SYS_7SEG0x40004010read/writeSets seven-segment LED outputs
SYS_CNT25MHZ0x40004014read/writeFree running counter incrementing at 25MHz.
SYS_CNT100HZ0x40004018read/writeFree running counter incrementing at 100Hz

Character LCD registers

Table 4.4 provides a description of the character LCD registers.

Table 4.4. MPS LCD registers

Register nameAddressAccessDescription
CHAR_COM0x4000C000writeCommand register. The command set is compatible with the commands of the Hitachi HD44780U controller.
CHAR_DAT0x4000C004writeWrite data register.
CHAR_RD0x4000C008readRead data register.
CHAR_RAW0x4000C00Cread/writeRaw interrupt.
CHAR_MASK0x4000C010read/writeInterrupt mask.
CHAR_STAT0x4000C014read/writeMasked interrupt.

Memory configuration and remap

Table 4.5 provides a description of the memory configuration register.

Table 4.5. Memory configuration

NameBitsAccessPower On ResetDescription
SWDPEN2RW0bSingle Wire Debug Port Enable. 1 is SWD 0 JTAG
ALIAS1RW1bAlias FLASH. 1 is Aliased on 0 Aliased off
REMAP0RW0bRemap SSRAM. 1 is Remap on 0 Remap off

The ability to remap the static RAM into the bottom of memory (overlaying the Flash) is required for booting and code execution to enable the interrupt vector table to be modified. It is also used to enable boot code execution from SRAM for code development, rather than programming the FLASH each time.

The aliasing of the Flash memory into SRAM space is required to permit the Flash memory to be reprogrammed at this offset. It also enables full flash memory access when remapping is enabled. If remapping of flash is disabled only the Flash memory above 4MB is accessible.


Table 4.6 lists the bits for the user switch inputs.

Table 4.6. User switches

USER_BUT[3:0]7:4RO-Always returns value of user buttons
USER_SW[3:0]3:0RO-Always returns value of user switches

Seven-segment display

Table 4.7 lists the bits that control the seven-segment display.

Table 4.7. Seven-segment register

DISP331:24RW0x00Segments for display 3
DISP223:16RW0x00Segments for display 2
DISP115:8RW0x00Segments for display 1
DISP07:0RW0x00Segments for display 0

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