UART parameters

The table below lists the UART instantiation-time parameters that you can change when the model is started.

The syntax to use in a configuration file or on the command line is:


where x is the UART identifier 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Table 10. UART configuration parameters

baud_rateBaud rateInteger-0x9600
clock_rateClock rate for PL011Integer-0xE10000
in_fileInput fileString [empty string]
out_fileOutput file (use “-” to send all output to stdout).String [empty string]
in_file_escape_sequenceInput file escape sequenceString ##
shutdown_on_eotShutdown simulation when an EOT (ASCII 4) char is transmitted.Booleantrue or falsefalse
unbufferred_outputUnbuffered outputBooleantrue or falsefalse
untimed_fifosIgnore the clock rate and transmit/receive serial data immediately.Booleantrue or falsefalse
uart_enableEnable the UART when the system starts.Booleantrue or falsefalse

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