Starting the FVP using Model Shell

You can use the Model Shell application to start VE and MPS FVPs. You can start the FVP with its own CADI debug server, enabling the model to run independently of a debugger. However, it means that you must configure your model using arguments that are passed to the model at start time.

To start the FVP using Model Shell:

  1. Change to the directory where your model file is located.

  2. Enter the following at the command prompt:

    model_shell --cadi-server --model model_name [--config-file filename] [--parameter instance.parameter=value] [--application app_filename]



    is the name of the model file. By default this file name is typically FVP_VE_processor.dll or FVP_MPS_processor.dll on Microsoft Windows or or on Linux.


    is the name of your optional plain-text configuration file. Configuration files simplify managing multiple parameters.


    is the optional direct setting of a configuration parameter.


    is the file name of an image to load to your model at startup.

The following example shows the format for using Model Shell to load and run an image from an ELF file:

Example 1. Load and run an image from an ELF file

# Load and run from an ELF image file
model_shell \
    --parameter "motherboard.vis.rate_limit-enable=0" \
    --application test_image.axf \


On Microsoft Windows, it might be necessary to add to your PATH the directory in which the Model Shell executable is found. This location is typically:


You can use * to load the same image into all the processors in one multiprocessor cluster, for example:

model_shell $MODEL -a "cluster0.*=image.axf"


You must quote the argument as shown if you are using csh, or if you have spaces in the filename, otherwise the shell tries to expand the * instead of passing it to the application.

Starting the model opens the FVP CLCD display. After the FVP starts, you can use your debugger if it has a CADI interface to connect to the FVP.

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