MPS hardware

The MPS hardware contains two FPGAs that implement the system:


This FPGA contains:

  • one instance of the Cortex-M3 or Cortex-M4 processor with ETM

  • two memory controllers for RAM and FLASH on the board

  • touchscreen interface

  • pushbutton and DIP switch interfaces

  • I2C interface

  • an RS232 interface

  • a configuration register block.


This FPGA contains an example system that includes:

  • timers

  • display drivers (CLCD, character LCD, and seven-segment LED)

  • audio interface

  • pushbutton and DIP switch interfaces

  • two RS232 interfaces

  • an Hpe module interface

  • MCI/SD card interface

  • a USB interface.

The MPS FVPs provide a functionally-accurate model for software execution. However, the model sacrifices timing accuracy to increase simulation speed. Key deviations from actual hardware are:

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