Ethernet parameters

The table below lists the Ethernet instantiation-time parameters that you can change when the model is started.

The syntax to use in a configuration file or on the command line is:


Table 7. Ethernet parameters

enabledHost interface connection enabledBooleantrue or falsefalse
mac_addressHost/model MAC addressStringSee mac_address parameter00:02:f7:ef:31:11
promiscuousPut host into promiscuous mode, for example when sharing the Ethernet controller with the host OS.Booleantrue or falsetrue

Show/hidemac_address parameter

There are two options for the mac_address parameter:

  • If a MAC address is not specified, when the simulator is run it takes the default MAC address and changes its bottom two bytes from 00:02 to the bottom two bytes of the MAC address of one of the adaptors on the host PC. This provides some degree of MAC address uniqueness when running models on multiple hosts on a local network.

  • If you specify the MAC address as auto, this generates a completely random local MAC address each time the simulator is run. The address has bit 1 set and bit 0 clear in the first byte to indicate a locally-administered unicast MAC address.


DHCP servers are used to allocate IP addresses, but because they sometimes do this based on the MAC address provided to them, then using random MAC addresses might interact with some DHCP servers.

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