ARMv7-A AEM debug architecture parameters

The ARMv7 Debug architecture contains a number of optional features. The debug architecture parameters control which of these features are implemented by the model.

Table 29. Debug architecture parameters

implements_OSSaveAndRestoreAdd support for the OS Save and Restore mechanism implemented by DBGOSSRR and other registers.true
DBGOSLOCKINITInitial value for the Locked bit in DBGOSLSR. When this bit is set, software access to debug registers is restricted.0x1
implements_secure_user_halting_debugPermit debug events in Secure User mode when invasive debug is not permitted in Secure privileged modes. (Deprecated in ARM v7.)false
DBGPIDValue for CP14 DBGPID registers.0x8000bb000
DBGCIDValue for CP14 DBGCID registers.0x0
DBGDSCCR_maskImplemented bits of DBGDSCCR.0x7
cpu[n].DBGDRARValue for Debug ROM address register.0x0
cpu[n].DBGSRARValue for Debug Self address register.0x0

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