DUT system registers

The following table provides a description of the DUT system registers.

Table 47. MPS DUT system registers

Register nameAddressAccessDescription
SYS_ID0x40004000read/writeBoard and FPGA identifier
SYS_PERCFG0x40004004read/writePeripheral control signals
SYS_SW0x40004008read/writeIndicates user switch settings
SYS_LED0x4000400Cread/writeSets LED outputs
SYS_7SEG0x40004010read/writeSets seven-segment LED outputs
SYS_CNT25MHZ0x40004014read/writeFree running counter incrementing at 25MHz.
SYS_CNT100HZ0x40004018read/writeFree running counter incrementing at 100Hz

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