ARMv7-A AEM message parameters

The message severity parameters control how warning and error messages from the architectural checkers are generated.

Table 30. Message severity levels

messages.break_warning_levelThe simulation stops in the debugger after emitting a message at this level or higher.5
messages.ignore_warning_levelMessages below this level are ignored and not printed.1
messages.suppress_repeated_messages The simulation does not emit more than one copy of a message when it is generated from a given point in the target program.true
messages.output_fileThe path[a] of the file to which messages are written. If blank, messages are sent to stderr.Blank

[a] The format of the string follows the normal file path conventions for the host platform. File paths without a leading root are written into the current working directory, which might vary.

Except for fatal errors, the severity level of each message can be reconfigured in parameters messages.severity_level_[*], enabling you to concentrate only on those warnings that are appropriate to your task. See the following table:

Table 31. Message parameters

0Minor WarningSuspect, but plausibly correct
1WarningA likely bug
2Severe WarningTechnically legal, but believed certain to be a bug
3ErrorA definite architectural violation
4Severe ErrorTarget code unlikely to be able to recover
5FatalFrom which the simulation is unable to continue

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