About the VE FVP

Versatile™ Express (VE) is a hardware development platform produced by ARM. The Motherboard Express µAdvanced Technology Extended (ATX) V2M-P1 is the basis for a highly-integrated software and hardware development system based on the ARM Symmetric Multiprocessor System (SMP) architecture.

The motherboard provides the following features:

The VE FVP is a system model implemented in software. The model contains:


The model is based on the VE platform memory map, but is not intended to be an accurate representation of a specific VE hardware revision. The VE FVP supports selected peripherals. For more information about these peripherals, see the reference information at the end of this topic. The supplied model is sufficiently complete and accurate to boot the same operating system images as for the VE hardware.

The model has been developed using the ARM Fast Models™ Portfolio product.

VE FVPs provide a functionally-accurate model for software execution. However, the model sacrifices timing accuracy to increase simulation speed. Key deviations from actual hardware are:

The VE FVPs provided in this release are:

The following figure shows a block diagram of a top-level VE model with a Cortex-A15 cluster:

Figure 1. Block diagram of top-level VE model

Block diagram of top-level VE model

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