Configuring VE and MPS FVPs

You can configure VE and MPS FVPs either by using a configuration GUI in your debugger or by setting model configuration options from Model Shell.

Show/hideUsing a configuration GUI in your debugger

In your debugger, you might be able to configure FVP parameters before you connect to the model and start it. See the documentation that accompanies your debugger.


To connect to a FVP, your debugger must have a CADI interface.

Show/hideSetting model configuration options from Model Shell

You can control the initial state of the FVP by configuration settings provided on the command line or in the CADI properties for the model.

Using a configuration file

To configure a model that you start from the command line with Model Shell, include a reference to an optional plain text configuration file when you are starting the FVP.

Comment lines in the configuration file must begin with a # character.

Each non-comment line of the configuration file contains:

  • the name of the component instance

  • the parameter to be modified and its value.

    Boolean values can be set using either true/false or 1/0. You must enclose strings in double quotation marks if they contain whitespace.

The following example shows a typical configuration file:

Example 2. Configuration file

# Disable semihosting using true/false syntax
# Enable the boot switch using 1/0 syntax
# Set the boot switch position

Using the command line

You can use the -C switch to define model parameters when you invoke the model. You can also use --parameter as a synonym for the -C switch. Use the same syntax as for a configuration file, but each parameter must be preceded by the -C switch.

The following example shows how to configure a MPS FVP using Model Shell:

Example 3. Using Model Shell to boot a model from a flash image

# Boot from a flash image
model_shell \
    --parameter "coretile.core.semihosting-cmd_line="\
    --parameter "coretile.fname=flash.bin" \
    --parameter "coretile.mps_sysregs.user_switches_value=4" \
    --parameter "coretile.mps_sysregs.memcfg_value=0" \
    --parameter "mpsvisualisation.disable-visualisation=false" \
    --parameter "mpsvisualisation.rate_limit-enable=0" \

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